11 Warnings that Tells You're Using the Wrong Products on Your Skin

11 Warnings that Tells You're Using the Wrong Products on Your Skin

You hear about this highly praised cosmetic product that claims to eradicate acne and leave your skin glowing. It's tempting to try a product with the most appealing packaging or one you've heard about online. However, just because something works for one person doesn't imply it'll work for everyone.

Using the wrong products for your skin type happens all the time, but how do we know if it's time to call it quits with the latest addition to our medicine cabinets? Here are indicators that it's time to say goodbye to your skincare routine.

1. Dryness, Flaking, and Peeling

Using too many harsh products or overusing an acne product can strip your skin acid mantle, and it will result in stinging. One acid is enough, don't combine alpha-hydroxy acids with salicylic and retinol. Your skin may look basted and tough.

2. Rashes

Skin-care and beauty products can contain allergenic inactive ingredients, which typically add to the item's general look and smell. Regardless, normally these ingredients also prompt those rashes you've seen on your skin.

Do not scratch the affected area if it itches; unless fully healed, do not try to exfoliate chemicals. Switch to mild, hypoallergenic products until inflammation stops to speed up the healing process.

3. Breakouts

You will know if the product is not for you when you get more than just one or two pimples. Your skin needs two to three weeks to adjust to the new product. However, if the breakouts are moderate to severe, you have to look for a product that has non-comedogenic or has lighter oil-in-water formulations.

4. Persistent Reactions

Temporarily stop utilising a new product when you experience symptoms even a week after using it. Take a week's break and then observe if they resolve.

To ensure safety, apply a small amount of the product on your upper inner arm once or twice a day for three days and see what will happen. 

 5. Excessive Oiliness

Our skin has a characteristic layer of oil that is a defensive boundary. And when harsh chemicals strip this layer, the skin quickly goes into a maintenance mode, and items over-burden oil to make up for the harm.  

Oily skin is an indication of good skin. However, if oily skin is not a concern, then your beauty product is affecting your skin. Thus, minimise using the amount of oil-absorbing beauty products.

6. Burning and Stinging

Some facial masks and cleansers bring irritation. That's why you need to understand the distinction between itchy feeling and painful burning sensation.

Synthetic compounds inside the products can be exceptionally strong for hypersensitive skin types. You may experience a burning sensation for applying some skincare items. When you feel like your skin is consuming, wash it off. It shows that you are extremely sensitive to the item you are using.

7. Getting Hives

Hives can be the occurrence of your body responding to ingredients in the cosmetic you're using. It is a forewarning that you are using the wrong products.

8. Itchy Skin

Beauty products incorporate aroma inside, which causes tingling and aggravation to your skin. If your skin is seriously red and irritated in the wake of utilising any new cream, first converse with your dermatologist about sensitivity.

9. Tightness of Skin

In the wake of using cosmetics, your skin turns out dense, implication that you're not utilising the right item. Use pH-adjusted items for skin treatment. Don't use cleansers that will induce problems to your skin.

10. Brown Spots

If too much exposure to the sun will cause Brown spots, even when applying sunscreen, perhaps it's time for you to change your product.

11. The Bottom Line

You might be using the product excessively, too often, or combining many products that can go past what your skin can handle. Each of the upper mentioned can be a sign of irritation.

With all these warning signs, we believe it’s time to make the switch. Change the way you take care of your skin by using natural products from Forest Natural Skincare. We are here to help you manage your skin issues with skin products with no toxic chemicals, parabens, and fragrances. 

Start your natural and glowing skin journey with us today.

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