About Us

Natural Handmade Soap

Back to the basic is the philosophy of our skin care products. As there are so many toxic things around us everyday, we don't need to put extra burden onto our beautiful skin.  

My husband and I were like the majority of the people, we were overwhelmed by all those so-called effective products on the markets, all sound so good. Without knowing the harsh chemicals within the products, we had been using it for many years until one day our skin started to alarm. I started to have eczema on my face and extended to my neck and arms. My hair was getting thinner and thinner and I thought ageing caused it. Later my husband followed having eczema on his back, got to the point it became so bad and of course his hair could not escape like mine but surpassed my speed! All these gradual changes made me started to wonder and I tried all possible ways to improve the situation.

I started with eliminating the chemical cleaning products we used at home to where now we only use water/steam, bicarbonate soda, vinegar and soap for home/laundry/body cleaning. Soon after we started using less and less toxic products, our skin situation has improved. However, after years of damage, our skin has become very sensitive, especially mine. My face basically reacts to most of the shelf skin care products.

One day, an old friend of mine mentioned why don't I try using handmade soap that she made. At that time, I was still thinking "Why do I have to use handmade soap while I have already been using the commercial soaps that I get from supermarket??" After weeks followed by, that voice was still in my head. So I told myself "Why not?  Let's give it a try!". That's where I started my journey and fell in love with these beautiful cold process handmade soaps. From handmade soaps to other natural skin care products like facial cream, toner, body lotion, every product I made has it's unique benefits and I just can't stop the smile on my face every time when I make it and use it.

During my research and development process, my beloved dog, my boy was diagnosed with bone cancer and passed away. That was the toughest time of our life that I can't use any word to express. As tears swelled up in my eyes I know he is always in my heart and I will always love him.

It's been very difficult to get myself back to one piece and refocus on my products. But I know this is something I have to do. I really want to share the good things about the simple natural products and what it can do to improve so much to our skin, body and even environment. So here I am!