Collection: Handmade Natural Soaps

Natural Soap Handmade in Australia

Let Your Skin Glow

It is important to use products that nourish and nurture your hair, hands and body naturally.

With a collection of natural soap handmade in Australia, you can now get back to the basics. No harsh chemicals or additives are used in the creation of our all natural handmade soap bars, because taking care of the skin you’re in is at the very core of our values.

Why buy handmade soap from Forest Natural?

We harness the power of organic products found in nature. Exfoliate your skin with our Red Bean Brown Sugar Soap, strengthen your hair with our Herbal Rice Shampoo Bar infused with avocado oil, relax your stressed skin with a lovely Lavender Soap, or even rejuvenate and smoothen sensitive skin with Sweet Almond Milk Soap.

Whatever your chosen scent, you can rest assured knowing that when you buy handmade soaps from our online store, you’re treating your skin to the very best natural oils, because synthetic chemicals are a thing of the past.

Natural handmade soap that’s proudly paraben and chemical free

At Forest Natural Skincare, we believe that skin should not be exposed to synthetic chemicals and fragrances, parabens or artificial colouring. Each natural soap product found in our online store is made using only natural oils and are proudly vegan friendly. 

Our product range includes:


Shea Lip Balm

Body Wash and Lotion

Facial Care Range

Kits and Bundles

Simply browse our range of soap bars and other products, find the products that suit your needs and budget, and enjoy delivery of our natural and handmade products direct to your door, across Australia.

We’re here to help you find the ideal product so you can nourish your skin. If you have any further questions about our product range, or would like to know more about the processes we use in the creation of our handmade soap, then please get in touch