Ingredients E - G



Soothing Inflammation: Eclipta possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate scalp itching, abrasions, and burns, providing a soothing effect.

Antimicrobial Defence: With its antimicrobial effects, it helps protect the scalp from bacterial and fungal infections, promoting a healthy scalp environment. Its antioxidant properties further enhance its protective benefits.

Hair Growth and Prevention of Premature Greying: Eclipta promotes the growth of hair by nourishing and stimulating the hair follicles. It helps prevent premature greying, preserving the natural colour of the hair.

Hair Rejuvenation: It has rejuvenating properties that can revitalise the hair, restoring its vitality. It is effective in reducing and preventing dandruff, promoting a healthier scalp.

Hair Maintenance: Eclipta aids in the maintenance of hair by prolonging the growth phase, enabling hair to grow longer and stay in optimal condition.


Emulsifying Wax Vegetable

Enhanced Moisturisation: Emulsifying wax helps to create stable emulsions, allowing water and oil-based ingredients to blend together. This helps to deliver enhanced moisturisation to the skin and hair, keeping them hydrated and nourished.

Improved Texture and Consistency: Emulsifying wax helps to create smooth and creamy textures in skincare and haircare products. It gives formulations a desirable consistency, making them easier to apply and spread evenly.

Skin Conditioning: Vegetable-based emulsifying wax can have conditioning effects on the skin. It helps to improve the skin's texture.

Hair Softening and Detangling: Emulsifying wax can also benefit hair by softening and detangling the strands. It helps to smooth the hair cuticles, reducing frizz and making the hair more manageable.



Cleansing and Purifying: Eucalyptus has strong cleansing properties that can help remove dirt, impurities, and excess oil from the skin, effectively cleanse the pores.

Antimicrobial Action: The oil possesses antimicrobial properties that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin's surface. It helps prevent bacterial infections and reduces the occurrence of breakouts.

Skin Balance: It helps regulate sebum production and maintains a healthy skin balance.

Headache Relief: The cooling and analgesic properties can help alleviate headaches.

Stress Reduction: The invigorating aroma of the oil can help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Mental Clarity: It is known for its ability to enhance mental focus and clarity. It can help clear the mind, improve concentration, and help to reduce stress-related symptoms.

Respiratory Support: Eucalyptus oil has expectorant properties that can help alleviate congestion and promote easier breathing. Clearing the respiratory system can contribute to a sense of relief and relaxation, reducing stress levels.




Hydration and Moisturisation: Frangipani oil is deeply hydrating and helps nourish the skin, providing intense moisture to dry or dehydrated skin. It helps improve skin's elasticity.

Anti-ageing Properties: The oil contains antioxidants that help combat free radicals and reduce the signs of ageing. It can help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Skin Soothing: Frangipani has soothing properties that can help calm and relieve skin irritations, such as redness, inflammation, and sensitivity. It is particularly beneficial for sensitive or sun-damaged skin.

Skin Brightening: The oil can help improve skin tone and promote a radiant complexion. It helps fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.



Anti-ageing Properties: Frankincense oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

Skin Regeneration: The oil supports skin cell regeneration, aiding in the healing process of scars, blemishes, and imperfections

Hydration and Moisturisation: It has moisturising properties that help replenish and retain moisture in the skin.

Soothes Irritation: The oil has soothing properties that can alleviate skin irritation, redness, and inflammation.

Skin Protection: It helps prevent damage caused by UV rays and oxidative stress.

Balances Oil Production: The oil has balancing properties that can help regulate sebum production.

Headache Relief: Frankincense has analgesic properties that can help alleviate headaches and migraines.

Stress Reduction: The aroma of frankincense oil has calming and grounding effects on the mind and body.

Mental Clarity: Frankincense oil has been used traditionally to enhance focus, concentration, and mental clarity.



Garcinia Mangosteen

Antioxidant Protection: Rich in antioxidants, it helps protect the skin from free radicals, preventing premature ageing and damage.

Brightening and Even Skin Tone: It helps fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone, promoting a more radiant complexion.

Moisturising and Hydrating: Nourishes and hydrates the skin, improving moisture retention for a soft and supple texture.

Soothing and Calming: Provides soothing and calming effects, beneficial for sensitive or irritated skin, reducing redness and inflammation.

Anti-Ageing Effects: Improves skin elasticity and firmness, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



Balancing and Regulating: Geranium Bourbon oil helps balance and regulate sebum production.

Skin Rejuvenation: It has astringent properties that help tighten and tone the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

Soothing and Calming: It has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, it helps calm redness, inflammation, and skin irritations.

Healing and Scar Reduction: The oil aids in skin healing and can help fade scars and blemishes. It promotes cellular regeneration, aiding in the repair and renewal of the skin.

Relaxing and Calming: It has soothing properties that help relax the mind and body, reducing stress and tension.

Headache Relief: The oil possesses analgesic properties that can help alleviate headaches and migraines.

Mood Uplifting: It helps uplift the spirits, reduce anxiety, and promote a positive mindset.

Stress Reduction: The oil is known to have stress-reducing properties. It can help reduce feelings of stress, promote relaxation, and support overall well-being.

Nervous System Support: The oil help calm the nerves and reduce nervous tension associated with headaches and stress.



Stimulates Hair Growth: Ginger contains antioxidants and compounds that can stimulate hair follicles, promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss.

Improves Scalp Health: Ginger has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help improve scalp health.

Strengthens Hair: The nutrients present in ginger, such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the hair strands. This can help prevent breakage.

Adds Shine and Lustre: Ginger can enhance the natural shine and lustre of the hair.

Reduces Hair Loss: Ginger has been traditionally used to reduce hair loss. It can help improve blood circulation to the scalp, ensuring a proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

Controls Dandruff: The antimicrobial properties of ginger can help control dandruff by combating the underlying causes, such as fungal infections or inflammation.

Natural Hair Conditioner: Ginger can act as a natural conditioner, providing moisture and nourishment to the hair.



Moisturisation: Glycerine acts as a potent humectant, attracting and retaining moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated and supple.

Protective Barrier: It forms a protective layer on the skin, preventing moisture loss and safeguarding it from environmental stressors.

Soothing and Calming: It has soothing properties that help alleviate skin irritation and inflammation, providing relief to dry and sensitive skin.

Anti-Ageing Effects: Glycerine helps improve skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydration: It helps retain moisture in the hair, preventing dryness and maintaining optimal hydration levels.

Smoothness and Manageability: Glycerine adds softness and manageability to the hair, making it easier to style and reducing frizz.

Scalp Health: Glycerine moisturises the scalp, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth and minimising scalp dryness and itchiness.


Goji Berry

Antioxidant Protection: Goji berry is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals, preventing premature ageing.

Hydration and Nourishment: The extract deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, improving elasticity and leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.

Brightening and Even Skin Tone: Goji berry helps brighten the skin and even out skin tone, reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: It soothes and calms irritated skin, reducing redness, inflammation, and sensitivity.

Collagen Boost: The extract stimulates collagen production, improving skin texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

UV Protection: Goji berry protects the skin against UV damage caused by the sun's harmful rays.

Revitalising and Energising: Its antioxidants and nutrients revitalise and energise the skin, giving it a refreshed and rejuvenated look.



Skin Cleansing: White Grapefruit oil has natural astringent properties that can help cleanse and purify the skin.

Brightening and Clarifying: It contains antioxidants that help brighten and even skin tone. It can diminish the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.

Oil Control: It helps balance the skin's natural oil levels, reducing excess oiliness and minimising the appearance of pores.

Antioxidant Protection: The oil is rich in antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radicals and pollutions.

Headache Relief: The uplifting and invigorating aroma of grapefruit helps alleviate headaches and migraines.

Stress Reduction: It has mood-enhancing properties that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Mental Clarity: The aromatic properties help improve mental focus and clarity.

Relaxation Aid: The aroma helps create a peaceful atmosphere, reduce stress levels, and promote a sense of tranquility and balance.



Silky Smooth Texture: Grapeseed oil has a luxurious, silky texture that glides effortlessly onto the skin, delivering moisture and nutrients without any greasy residue.

Age-Defying Antioxidants: Harness the power of the oil's potent antioxidants, including vitamin E and proanthocyanidins, which combat free radicals, protect against premature ageing, and promote a youthful and radiant complexion.

Nourish and Rejuvenate: Enriched with essential fatty acids and nutrients, it nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, improving its texture, tone, and overall appearance for a healthy and revitalised look.

Smooth and Soften: Embrace the skin-smoothing properties of grapeseed oil that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin velvety smooth, supple, and visibly younger-looking.

Versatile for All Skin Types: Grapeseed oil is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin, as it is non-comedogenic and gentle on the skin, soothing any irritations or redness.


Green Tea

Stimulates Hair Growth: Green tea contains catechins and antioxidants that promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Strengthens and Conditions: The nutrients in green tea strengthen the hair strands, making them less prone to breakage. It also adds shine and improves overall hair texture and condition.

Scalp Health: It helps maintain a healthy scalp by reducing dandruff, itchiness, and scalp inflammation.

Controls Excess Oil: For those with oily hair, green tea can help regulate oil production on the scalp, keeping the hair looking fresh and less greasy.

Protects Against Damage: The antioxidants in green tea protect the hair from environmental damage, such as UV rays and pollutants, preventing damage.

Soothes and Calms: It has a soothing effect on the scalp, providing relief from irritation and itchiness.

Adds Volume and Thickness: Green tea can add volume and thickness to the hair, giving it a fuller and more voluminous appearance.


Guar Hydroxpropyl Trimonium Chloride

Conditioning: It softens and smoothens the hair, making it more manageable and easy to comb through.

Moisture Retention: This ingredient helps the hair retain moisture, preventing dryness and promoting hydration.

Detangling: It reduces friction and tangling, making the hair easier to detangle and style.

Heat Protection: Guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride provides a protective barrier, minimising heat damage from styling tools.

Enhanced Shine: It imparts a natural shine to the hair, giving it a healthy and lustrous appearance.

Improved Manageability: The ingredient reduces static electricity and improves the texture of the hair, enhancing overall manageability.